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A family that strives to make a difference and make ripples of change in our community. Interact stands for INTERnational ACTion. Our club strives to not just help the community but to help shape the world. Not just any typical community service club, Interact is sponsored by Rotary International which is a non-profit organization that creates lasting change throughout the world and is mainly responsible for the eradication of polio from almost every country. PHHS Interact Club is sponsored by San Jose East Evergreen Rotary Club and we're a part of District 5170, known as the biggest Interact district in the entire world! Comprised of 13 different areas spanning from Oakland to Gilroy, our school is located in Area 6 alongside Milpitas High School, Independence, Mt. Pleasant, KIPP San Jose, and Summit Tahoma. 


The world could always use more love. Love can come in many different forms, whether it be doing a simple act of kindness for a stranger or reaching out to someone when no one asked you to. We encourage each and every one of you reading this to go out into the world and help spread kindness any chance you get. Make the effort to befriend a stranger and spread kindness to the ones that don't realize they need it. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Join us in continuing our journey to serve the community, break barriers, conquer adversity and empower the ones who most need it. 

- phhs interact board 24-25

- phhs interact
- area 6
- district 5170

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